Frequently Asked Questions

What surfaces should I avoid using Zap-Ox on and why?

Zap-ox can be used on any surface. With fabrics or carpets you will need to rinse thoroughly.

Where can I purchase Zap-Ox?

Zap-ox can be purchased online…….state the process via checkout?

Should I clean the surface with anyting else after using Zap-Ox?

After cleaning the surface a damp cloth can be used to clean up any residue.

What types of residue and stains will Zap-Ox clean?

Zap-ox can be used on any surface and will clean up most buildups or stains.

How do I apply Zap-Ox?

Apply Zap-Ox to the surface to be cleaned. Spread evenly and wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Zap-ox can also be applied to a damp sponge for cleaning.